Civil service management…

As Somalia moves down the road of state recovery, improvement in public service delivery has been among the most imperative issue, which the Somali Federal Government and Federal Member States need to take into an account. The attempt to improve the capacity and performance of the government administrative machinery as measure to resolve the nationwide problem of service delivery has been extended to Federal Member States.

One of the efforts stipulated by the Federal Government and international development partners is to reform the civil service machinery by injecting qualified civil servants through a competitive recruitment process in addition to revised draft civil service policies and procedures and legal and regulatory framework that governs the public-sector employees.

Firstly, this paper is based on the review and assessment of the status of current civil service management and administrative practices and operational legal and regulatory frameworks in post-conflict Somalia.

Secondly, the papers attempt to propose appropriate approach for reforms in the civil service workforce management. Keywords: Organization organizational structure, public sector, civil service management, pay, career development, training, and human resource management.

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